Hello people and welcome to the Pokemon Sun and Moon Tips Wiki and here we will be telling you (As the title suggests) Tips on Pokemon Sun and Moon. Also, there are some spoilers, so be careful before you advance.

So on Pokemon Moon, have you ever wondered what starter was the best? Well, I'll tell you

Rowlet is the best

Popplio is the medium 

Litten is the worst.

Sorry guys, it's just how it goes. I didn't know this until I was already half-way through the game.

Also, have you wondered how to get the Leafeon and Glaceon? It is pretty hard. Leafeon you get after you go into Lush forest. Search around until you have found a mossy rock. Read the caption on it and then level up your Eevee. You have to have the Eevee at the rock with you or it will not work. Also, to get Glaceon you go into Frost Cavern. Advance and explore until you have found a rock covered in ice. You read the caption on that and you level up your Eevee. Again, you have to have your Eevee with you when you read the caption. Hope this helped!

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